The one where I share my moms artwork

17 Nov

Happy Saturday! (and yes, that is a salute to Friends)

You may recall a while back when I shared the circle art journal I sent my mom. And you may also recall that I forgot to take a photo of the finished page…..well, I got the journal back from my mom, so we’ll start with a picture of the finished layout:

I didn’t share much about my mom or why in particular I thought she would like this journal. Or why I thought she might actually need this journal. So, I’ll share a bit now. Two years ago, on Halloween, we lost my dad unexpectedly. My parents were happily (I emphasize happily) married for 40 years. My dad passing has left a hole in the hearts of most who knew and loved him and of course, none greater than my mom.

Grief takes its toll on us in many ways. It sucked the creativity out of me for almost a year. I fear it’s been the same for my mom. We’re all artists. She paints. My dad made silver jewelry, was a photographer, painted, and way back in the day, did bronze casting. You may have seen some of his work if you’ve ever been in Central Park (the Hanz Christian Anderson and Alice in Wonderland sculptures). I wish I had thought of this circle journal when he was still alive. He dabbled in watercolor and I can only imagine how fun it would have been to send one back and forth with him too.

Anyhow, I bought mom some acrylic paints for her birthday last year. For various reasons (a move, new job, terribly sad) she hasn’t gotten them out. So, this journal is my way of helping her find her creative spark again. It’s also a unique way to stay in touch. Something different to talk about. A part of our artistic selves to share with each other (and now you).

I asked her if I could share her pages too and she didn’t hesitate to say yes. She did say it’s not as great as she hoped; artists, we’re our own worst critics.

Mom loves her glitter!

Look at those brush strokes! Love it!

So, what do you think? I think it’s very much my mom. Sparkly, full of life and a bit quirky!

Till next week,

2 Responses to “The one where I share my moms artwork”

  1. jimmiesworld November 18, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    You tell her this is fabulous!

    • studiobukowski November 18, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      Thanks, Jimmie. I will! She needs to hear it from someone other than me!

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