I love it when a plan comes together

24 Nov

Happy Saturday (and yes, I stole that from the A-Team, the tv show, not the movie – so now that I just dated myself, we can move on).

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We host at our house every year and it  was a fantastic day filled with great friends,  amazing food, incredible desserts and a LOT of laughter (plus the best Lions football game in years on Thanksgiving day that we didn’t get to see all of thanks to Direct TV. We’re not Lions fans, but it was a good game and we would’ve enjoyed watching the 4th quarter).

If you have checked out any of the blogs on my blog roll, you may recognize my friend, Jimmie. She asked me to be a guest blogger for her so she can participate in NaNoWriMo this month. She’s well on her way to her goal (YAY Jimmie) and I’m really excited for her. Check out my guest post here and you’ll find out a bit more about me and how I spend some of my time when I’m not creating.

Last week, I finished up an art journal layout that turned out even better than I had anticipated. It started out when I found a cool looking tag (I think from a pair of my hubs jeans) and a tag from the dry cleaners. Add to those cool items a novel from the 40’s – complete with aged pages and cool texture – I found on a trip to McKay’s in the free book bin. Score, right?! I’ve been wanting to use book pages in my art, but I have a hard time tearing up a book. I find it easier to tear up this particular book for some reason (maybe because it seems like  a poorly written trashy novel). Anyhow, here’s what I came up with:

After a layer of gesso, I laid out the book pages.

I used Golden Soft Gel Medium to adhere the book pages. Next, a light coat of gesso so the pages look like they are part of the layout, not sitting on top of it.

After playing around a bit with the placement of the tags, I decided to use the modeling paste I received at the Golden workshop a few weeks back. I just picked up a new stencil, so the timing was perfect. I applied it with a palet knife and I really like the added texture.

A close up of the molding paste….

My layout at this point is in some serious need of color, so I got out the fluid acrylic I picked up at that workshop; Quinacridone Crimson (say that 5 times fast, heck say it once, I dare you!) and used it with the stencil again. Then I thought it could use an additional color, so I added some Manganese Blue Hue (applied with my fingers)…..

I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but everything at this point, everything looks like it’s sitting on top of the page. And I’ beginning to think I’d ruined my vision. But, quick thinking, some excellent color mixing, if I do say so myself, and it’s saved! What did I do? Well, I mixed some gesso, a few drops of Indian Yellow Hue and a few drops of Burnt Sienna then watered it down so it was more of a wash than a solid paint color. And the result was this:

Much better! Like I said, I love it when a plan comes together!

As always, I love feedback. What do you think? Like this layout?

Till next time,

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