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The one with Superman

22 Dec

This week, I share my latest circle journal layout! Earlier this month, during a trip to McKay’s, I found inspiration for this layout; a comic book (yes, you read that right).  You see, my mom owned a comic book store for many years and Superman was her favorite so when I found that  book, inspiration hit. I flipped through the comic and my vision started to take shape.

Superman 1

As always, I began with a layer of gesso. Sticking with the main color of the this particular comic, I mixed a slightly metallic blue for the very bottom layer.

Superman 2

In my original vision, I thought it would be fun to use dialog boxes as the background. So, I went through the entire book, looking for complete dialog boxes and then cut a bunch out. After finding the right number, sizes and colors, I laid them out and  used Golden Soft Gel Medium to adhere them to the journal pages.

Superman 3

I covered the dialog boxes with a thin layer of gesso so they looked like part of the page and not like they were sitting on top of it. I also added a thin wash of blue to tone down the white.

Superman 5

The layout needed something so I finished with a dark blue boarder.

Superman 6

A close-up of the man of steel! And those dialog boxes under the paint and gesso.

Mom got this in the mail a few days ago. She called to tell me how much she loves it! I can’t ever go wrong with her using Superman as my subject!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Till next week,

The one where the country is in mourning…..

15 Dec

I really have no words to describe how I’m feeling. I’m a mother so the loss of so many children in such an unimaginable way brought me to tears many times. My heart is with all the families who lost someone in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday. My prayers are with those who had their childhood ripped from them  in a split second, those who protected innocent lives, and those who lost their own.

President Obama delivered heart-felt words yesterday with tears in his eyes. He addressed the nation as a father; said the things parents are most likely feeling around the country. He closed with words that have stayed with me so I too will close with: “G-d bless the victims. Heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.”

The one with vintage looking art cards

8 Dec

Happy Saturday.

I thought I would start todays post by sharing I LOVE the Foo Fighters! I’m listening to some tracks off Wasting Light (my fave on this album is These Days) and I love it more and more each time. And now on to the visual arts…

I’ve been working on some new art cards for my cousins. I have to admit, I LOVE the way this set turned out! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so nice when the vision I see in my head and the piece I’m working on turn out the same, or in some instances better. This set of cards is an instance of better!

Art cards 1

As usual, I started with some magazine subscription cards. I put down a layer of gesso and the paint colors you see are left over paints from journal layouts I’ve been working on. Usually, when I’m working on a layout or section of my layout, I end up with leftover paint. I HATE wasting it, so I’ve started using it for the base layer of my art cards (or sometimes another journal page). I had these cards sitting around for a bit before the idea started forming in my head.

Art cards 2

Do those book pages look familiar? Yep, I’m getting good milage out of this book! After getting tearing up pages, fitting them on the cards and glueing them down (using Golden Soft Gel Medium) the vision really started to take shape.

Art cards 3

Another layer of gesso an the background is looking good!

Art cards 4

Close up of the book pages under gesso. Isn’t that yummy???!!!!!

art card 5

I used the French Script background stamp by Stampin’ Up for this card. I have a ton of SU stamps that I like to use in my art. I painted right on the stamp instead of using ink. And acrylic is water soluble so clean up is easy.

art card 6a

For this part of the card, I duplicated the whole process on a book page. Well, for once, I didn’t start with a layer of gesso since I wanted the words to show through the 2 layers. I mixed my color and painted the straight on the page. After it dried (I probably used my heat tool cause I am impatient and hate to be held up by watching paint dry. I don’t think I could ever work with oil paints!) Next I put down a layer of gesso. And just like I was hoping, the words still show through so you can tell it was a book page. The lion is stamped using Stazon.

art card 6b

I mounted the lion on some card stock and mounted that piece onto the card with the soft gel medium. You can see all the layers here on this finished card. Like I said, it turned out even better than the vision I had in my head. Here are the other three:

art card 6

art card 8

art card 7

Using the book pages gives it a vintage feel. I can’t wait to hear from the girls to see what they think!

Till next time.

Art tool kit

2 Dec

Good morning.

I am part of an amazing group of women who have been meeting monthly to focus on women and leadership. Our vision is to re-imagine how creativity can be used in the ways we lead. It’s an empowering group and I am truly blessed to have these women in my life. This past summer, we held a 1 and 1/2 day retreat  and one activity was to bring in something that represented a part of our whole selves. I brought one of my art journals. It was a given that I would share my art, but it was scary to think that I would be sharing it so publicly. And boy, am I glad I did. The response was better than I could have expected. And because I shared my journal, I’ve been talking more about my art. Which led me to sharing about my circle art journal with my mom. Which led to 2 of the women in our group to begin their own circle art journals. Best of all, one of those women comes over every few weeks to work on her new journal with me. Two creative people working on their art in one space……it’s really something.

Every artist has their favorite tools so I thought I would make a tool kit for my friend. She’s new to the journaling world, so I wanted to give her some things to use when she creates in her own space.

Gift 1

I have these wonderful tins I get my Tazo tea in (Chai is my favorite). I’ve up-cyled these tins for many things (I store paint in some, scrap papers in some and  I have a bunch in my bathroom I use to hold makeup, face cleansing products, hair products, etc). Turns out , it’s also the perfect size for a tool kit!

Gift 2

I covered the tin in book pages (I used Golden Soft Gel Medium for the adhesive, but Mod Podge would have worked as well). The salt rock in the background was a gift from this same friend and I LOVE it! I have it on everytime I work on my art. The soft glowiness of the lamp taps into my creativity somehow (please don’t ask me how to explain that – I’m an artist, we’re all a bit off, right?!)

Gift 3

After a layer of, say it with me now, gesso, I added some paint. My new Indian Yellow hue by Golden and Burnt Umber (a must have) by Winsor & Newton. By the way, I really like the Winsor & Newton paints. The colors are rich and they blend well with other acrylics.

Gift 4

And here’s the finished tin. The image is from my fave, Nashville Art Magazine. Now, to fill the tool kit.

Gift 6

So, what is all of this?

* Bubble wrap (texture)
* Priority stamp
* film canister (circle stamp)
* coffee creamer lid (circle stamp)
* vitamin lid (circle stamp)
* soda lid (circle stamp) Noticing a theme?
* circular tags
* felt flowers
* ribbon (wound on a piece of Starbucks cup holder)
* scraps of paper
* a whole Starbucks cup holder (I used one for a line stamp)
* an old gift card (great pallet  knife)

It all fit nicely into the tin and now she has the start of some fun tools to use in her journals. What I loved best about giving it to her was after I explained how I used the items, she started thinking of every day objects she comes across and how she can begin to use them in her journals.

What “tools” do you use in your art? What’s your favorite?  I’d love for you to share!

Till next time,