The one with Superman

22 Dec

This week, I share my latest circle journal layout! Earlier this month, during a trip to McKay’s, I found inspiration for this layout; a comic book (yes, you read that right).  You see, my mom owned a comic book store for many years and Superman was her favorite so when I found that  book, inspiration hit. I flipped through the comic and my vision started to take shape.

Superman 1

As always, I began with a layer of gesso. Sticking with the main color of the this particular comic, I mixed a slightly metallic blue for the very bottom layer.

Superman 2

In my original vision, I thought it would be fun to use dialog boxes as the background. So, I went through the entire book, looking for complete dialog boxes and then cut a bunch out. After finding the right number, sizes and colors, I laid them out and  used Golden Soft Gel Medium to adhere them to the journal pages.

Superman 3

I covered the dialog boxes with a thin layer of gesso so they looked like part of the page and not like they were sitting on top of it. I also added a thin wash of blue to tone down the white.

Superman 5

The layout needed something so I finished with a dark blue boarder.

Superman 6

A close-up of the man of steel! And those dialog boxes under the paint and gesso.

Mom got this in the mail a few days ago. She called to tell me how much she loves it! I can’t ever go wrong with her using Superman as my subject!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Till next week,

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