The one where art turns into a greeting card

17 Feb

Happy Saturday.

It’s pretty cold here tonight in Smashville (I live in Nashville and I’ve got the Predators game on in the background. I guess I’ve never mentioned this, but I’m a huge hockey fan!) As I shared last week, I truly enjoyed my vacation but it’s been 2 weeks now since I’ve been back and for many reasons, I’ve not been able to get into my art room and create. I’ll be honest, I’m itching to get some paint on paper (and usually my hands as well!) I do however have some cards to share with you that I finished up before I headed out to Vegas. So, here we go!

These cards are a great example of how you can start in one direction and end up someplace completely different.

card 1

You know there’s a layer of gesso under that paint, right?!

card 2

I used one stencil over all three cards. I used thick layers of paint with this stencil for fun layer of texture.

card 4

I didn’t have a clear vision for these cards so I just tried some different things.

card 5

card 7

I’m not sure why I don’t have a photo of the completed third card….I blame it on my vacation throwing my rhythm off (is anybody buying that?)

card 11

Here it is as an actual folding card. I sent this one to a young man who’s been a friend of our family for many many years. I think it turned out alright for a “guy” card, don’t you?

Oh, and to show you that I’m not kidding when I said I’m a big hockey fan, I thought I’d show you a pic from one of the members of our household tonight….


What, you weren’t expecting another photo of me were you? I am much happier behind the camera than in front. Till next week, happy creating!


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