The one with inspiration through a window

23 Feb

Happy Saturday!

Back in November, I shared a layout I was working on. I loved it at the beginning, but once I added some inks (which I hadn’t used before), I felt like the layout was ruined. So, I set it aside for a while. A long while. About a week or so before I went on my trip, I finally got some inspiration (not sure from where) and I finished it.

Here’s the way it was back then:

journal page 1

I went wrong when I tried to use yellow and blue ink. I dripped the two inks from the bottom of the page and they mixed and I wasn’t pleased with the green (I didn’t think that through!) So, I let it sit. And sit. And sit.

And finally came up with this:


A vast improvement I believe. What do you think? Oh, and if you’d like to re-read the original post, click here. This layout has been a true test of my patience. I don’t think it will ever be one of my favorites, but I definitely like it better now!

And now on to my newest layout. This was inspired on a trip back home after the holidays. Looking out the window, I was watching watching the landscape whizz by. I kept finding myself looking for those smaller trees with the brownish, rusty, golden orangey color. So, finally, I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo. I realized after I took a few that I found inspiration for a layout.

Here’s one of those photos:

photo (1)

Not a great photo, but it was the color and movement that captured my inspiration.

trees 1

I started with my winter sky. A silvery, grayish-white color that reminded me of what I saw that day (of course, that sky color was painted over a layer of gesso).

trees 2

Trees 3

trees 4

I kept trying to mix that fantastic color that I kept seeing on the side of the road, but I wasn’t successful. I don’t dislike what I came up with, but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

trees 5

trees 6

I didn’t quite capture that movement in this layout. And I’m not quite sure if it’s finished. But I do like what I have so far. This time, I stopped before I overdid it. I thought I might leave it a bit and then go back to it. After all, like I just shared with you, sometimes being patient pays off. I’ll be sure to share if I add to it.

What do you think? Finished? Does it need something?

Till next week, I wish you well!


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