The one with the canvas made out of a granola box

10 Mar

Good morning and happy Sunday!

This week, I’d like to share something a bit different. I was inspired to paint on canvas recently. But not just any canvas! Nope, I made this one out of a granola bar box. Yes, you read that right; a granola bar box. I believe I was inspired to make this canvas by Jennibellie, but when I went searching for her post to share, I came up empty handed. If anyone knows of this post (or if Jennibellie by chance sees this) I’d love to link to it and give her proper credit.

Once I had the canvas made, I knew I wanted to try a mixed media piece inspired by Christy Tomlinson. I am still trying to find my own unique style and sometimes imitating an artist you like is a good way to find it (thank you Julie Fei-Fan Balzer – it’s validating to hear someone else echo this). So, here is my piece inspired by Ms. Tomlinson.

canvas 1There are a lot of steps from start to finish, so we’ll start with the granola bar box. To begin, I reinforced the sides with masking tape.


C4After I felt like the canvas we sufficiently reinforced, I cut the bottom out with an exacto knife. I added a layer of masking tape to that edge so it also feels finished.

C3A few layers of gesso and we’re ready to go!

C5The first layer is newsprint and scrapbook paper.


I then added some texture with a stencil and Golden Course Molding Paste.

C7And then, I just added elements and color until I was happy with the background.

C8You’ll notice I changed the color palate up a bit. I wasn’t happy with the purples and reds, so I went with yellows and oranges.




C12Here’s where I got a bit nervous. I really liked the background, but I’ve never included a person (that I made) in my art. I was sure this would be were I screwed up.



But, what do you know? She turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I made this piece with a friend in mind who among other things, is helping me express my inner artist in the way I dress and show myself to the world on a daily basis. I thought this quote from Coco Chanel was perfect for her. She’s one of the most stylish women I have ever met and  her style enhances the beautiful woman she is inside and out. C15

So, not a bad first attempt (and I hope my friend likes her!). Thank you to Jenniebellie, Christy and Julie for their inspiration and helping me find my style.

Till next week.


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