The one with handmade cards

19 Aug

Happy Sunday,

I hope you have had a fantastic weekend. I had a great day in my art room creating;  mostly working on handmade cards.

I decided to use book pages as the base, so I applying gesso using a hotel key card (old gift cards make great pallet knives as well).

card1I made patterned paper out of magazine pages (I find it best to start with a layer of gesso when using a mix of fluid and medium bodied acrylics. I’ve found the fluids won’t stick to magazine pages as well without it. However, I suggest you play around with the materials you have and do what you find works best.)

card2Next, I cut up some card stock for my card bases and then cut down the book pages to size.

card3I played around a bit with different elements to make up my flowers and this is what I ended up with…..


card5This one might be my favorite…..

card6or possibly this one…..

card8And I like this one because it’s simple, but sweet…..

cardI usually have someone in mind when I make cards so most of these are already heading out, but it was fun to play around with color and paint today. And, one of the cards gave me an idea for a future granola box canvas piece, so it was a win-win!

Do you enjoy making cards? What’s your favorite technique?

Till next week,

2 Responses to “The one with handmade cards”

  1. rosebudinnh September 11, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    love this idea!!!! I just made a magazine torn bird collage , fun …. now I need to make one of these cool cards… lov it thanks for sharing. Rose

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