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The one with miscellaneous projects

20 Apr

Good morning and happy Sunday!

It’s a beautiful day outside which means I’m trying to decide how much time to dedicate to working on art inside and working outside in the garden. But first, let me share what I’ve been working on over the last week or so.

I put together another sample layout for my Art Journal Workshop next week (at the Turnip Green Creative Reuse). Our focus will be Gratitude. I was really pleased with this one!



Seats are still available so if you’re in Nashville and you want to come out and play with paint and paper, follow this link to register.

I started a new granola box canvas piece that will be going to Atmalogy soon. I’m really pleased that I’ve been selling some pieces there and Heather always encourages me to bring in new items.


I’ll share the finished project soon.

And finally,  I was fortunate to see a lecture and exhibit by Maggie Taylor  (and husband, Jerry Uelsmann) a while back out at MTSU. I fell in love with her work! It’s so whimsical and playful. This layout is 100 percent inspired by her work (or I guess when it’s finished I can say that). I will share this one when it’s complete as well.

journal1 Journal2 journal3I think the warm weather has won out. I’m going to go play in the garden.

Till next week,

The one with the new circle journal

6 Apr

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Wow, everything is blooming here in Nashville and my allergies are going crazy. Not too much going on in the art room this week due to feeling so blah! So today I’m going to be brief and share the new circle journal I am working on with a good friend.

She moved out to Clute, Texas last year to take an appointment at a United Methodist church (she is the senior pastor). I am happy that we have kept in touch since she moved. So when she asked if  I’d like to start a circle journal with her (like the one I have going with my mom) I had to think about it for about a second. It’s such a fun way to connect with someone.

Karney and me (I’m on the left) last year.

J2Here is Karney’s first layout. How lucky am I? Who else gets fun mail with poetry about what they mean to their friend? I’m not much of a poet, so I went with went with a collage…..

J3I used a dress pattern for the background. I added red and white circles using a peanut butter jar lid and a creamer lid. Some black painted boxes, patterned white circles from bubble wrap completed the background. After that, I added the focal elements. The frame around the girl is washi tape. It’s a simple layout, but I like the message.

Till next week,