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The one with painted magazine pages

16 Feb

Happy Sunday.

It’s been a productive week. I’ve been working on a few projects and checked some of my February goals off my list (yay!). Here is my visual reminder to ACT; took this yesterday while I was working on a few of those projects:

photoMy friend, Jennifer, lent me these stamps (by Close to My Heart) and they are perfect for mixed media.

I recently found the artist, Alma Stoller, and her work with magaizne pages. In fact, I’ve started using her idea of paint anything for 10 minutes as a creative warm up. Basically, you tear out a magazine page and start painting. I use a mix of Liquitex Basic acrylic paints and fluid acrylics (Folk Art and Americana which are inexpensive and work pretty well for this). So, here are some of my creations





paint8It’s a heck of a lot of fun! I try not to over think it and just get the paint down on the pages. I made a bunch of cards with these pages, but unfortunately, forgot to take pictures of them. I have this one, so you can get an idea of what they looked like

photoThis is definitely a practice I am going to continue. These pages can be used in art journaling, mixed media pieces, and of course cards. So, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Till next week,

The one with works in progress

26 Jan

Happy Sunday,

I hope you all have had a fantastic week. Today, I’m going to start off by sharing my creative reminder to ACT (my one word for the year). It’s pretty simple, but taking the time to make this banner reminded me that I have a plan. If I want to  achieve my goals, I have to make time every day to work on those goals.

aI spent most of my time this week finishing up new items to take to Atmalogy. I took my new items over last Tuesday and

1 spruced up my space…..


(Not sure why this photo came out so blurry, but you get the idea). Here’s a close up of some of my new creations:


Cityscape granola box mixed media art piece – acrylic and drawing ink


hand crafted greeting card – acrylic and water color


Hand crafted greeting card – acrylic paint and drawing ink

Here are a few of the pieces I’m still working on:


my version of She Art – acrylic and drawing ink


Collage art – magazine page and acrylic paints

Looking back, it was a pretty good week of creativity and action. I’ve checked off most of my goals for January and I need to start planning for February. I also need to revisit my overall plan for the year to make sure I’m still on track. I’ve also been working on something just for myself (well, actually it’s the circle journal I share with my mom – I’ll share pics from that once I mail it out and I know she got it). Time to head back to the art room. My head is filled with new things to try and ideas on how to finish up these two pieces.

Until next week,

The one with new art cards

18 May

Happy Saturday!

flowersThis is how I started my Saturday morning….greeted by beautiful flowers in the back yard! What inspiration first thing in the morning. And this week, I had been working on art cards with flowers as my focal point. Kinda perfect, huh? Anyhow,  I had so much fun making the last granola box canvas, that I had to make some more of those cute flowers.

This time, my canvas were magazine subscription cards. Yep, my art cards are back! So, I started here:

art card 1After a layer of gesso, I chose my color palet and applied the paint with my fingers. I always did enjoy finger painting as a child!

art card 2Sometimes when I’m creating, I forget to take photos so you’ll have to forgive me for not having close ups of the backgrounds without the beginnings of the flower heads. I used scrapbook papers for the flower heads; coordinating or contrasting papers, depending on my mood.

art card 3

I think I enjoy these flowers so much because they are quick, easy, and never the same twice. And because I love using drawing inks which are for the stems and smaller details.

art card 4

art card 5

art card 6I used some Stampin Up! stamps to complete each card.

So there you are. Quick and sweet cards. Let me know what you think. I always enjoy reading your comments!

Til next week.


The one with vintage looking art cards

8 Dec

Happy Saturday.

I thought I would start todays post by sharing I LOVE the Foo Fighters! I’m listening to some tracks off Wasting Light (my fave on this album is These Days) and I love it more and more each time. And now on to the visual arts…

I’ve been working on some new art cards for my cousins. I have to admit, I LOVE the way this set turned out! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so nice when the vision I see in my head and the piece I’m working on turn out the same, or in some instances better. This set of cards is an instance of better!

Art cards 1

As usual, I started with some magazine subscription cards. I put down a layer of gesso and the paint colors you see are left over paints from journal layouts I’ve been working on. Usually, when I’m working on a layout or section of my layout, I end up with leftover paint. I HATE wasting it, so I’ve started using it for the base layer of my art cards (or sometimes another journal page). I had these cards sitting around for a bit before the idea started forming in my head.

Art cards 2

Do those book pages look familiar? Yep, I’m getting good milage out of this book! After getting tearing up pages, fitting them on the cards and glueing them down (using Golden Soft Gel Medium) the vision really started to take shape.

Art cards 3

Another layer of gesso an the background is looking good!

Art cards 4

Close up of the book pages under gesso. Isn’t that yummy???!!!!!

art card 5

I used the French Script background stamp by Stampin’ Up for this card. I have a ton of SU stamps that I like to use in my art. I painted right on the stamp instead of using ink. And acrylic is water soluble so clean up is easy.

art card 6a

For this part of the card, I duplicated the whole process on a book page. Well, for once, I didn’t start with a layer of gesso since I wanted the words to show through the 2 layers. I mixed my color and painted the straight on the page. After it dried (I probably used my heat tool cause I am impatient and hate to be held up by watching paint dry. I don’t think I could ever work with oil paints!) Next I put down a layer of gesso. And just like I was hoping, the words still show through so you can tell it was a book page. The lion is stamped using Stazon.

art card 6b

I mounted the lion on some card stock and mounted that piece onto the card with the soft gel medium. You can see all the layers here on this finished card. Like I said, it turned out even better than the vision I had in my head. Here are the other three:

art card 6

art card 8

art card 7

Using the book pages gives it a vintage feel. I can’t wait to hear from the girls to see what they think!

Till next time.

Surprise, art in the mail (part 1)

6 Oct

Last Wednesday, in my post about gesso (pronounced jes-oh), I shared a few photos of some works in progress. The intended recipient of said projects was my mom (who kindly reads Studio B) so I didn’t want to blow the surprise.  She lives out in Vegas and I’ve been telling her about these art cards that I started for the girls, and she read the post about making them, but she’s an artist and very visual like me  ( well, I guess I’m like her) so I thought she might like one for herself. Plus, I found these really cool stamps and got inspired!

I decided to also start a circle art journal with her (but you’ll have to check back next week to see that project….didn’t you read the title? This is Part One!).

Anyhow, you may recall this photo and my explanation that I wasn’t happy with how it was starting to unfold, so I covered it in gesso and changed up the orientation. And I’m so glad that I did! I repainted the background color and as I was working on that, I realized that another element that wasn’t working in the first version were the leaves. I had painted the tree first and then tried adding the leaves. All that did was cover up the branches I had painted and it looked kinda funny (I should have taken a photo of that, sorry). So this time, I decided to start with the leaves. And I used one of my very favorite tools – BUBBLE WRAP! I love me some bubble wrap. I cut a small strip and painted my leaf color on. Next, I pressed it onto my card a few times till it looked right (to my eye)  and this is how it started shaping up: So, now we’re getting somewhere! I repainted the tree (free-hand) and now we have this:

But I want it to mimic the stamp, so I add it and after a few final touches, we have this:

Not too shabby, I think. My mom loved it so I guess that’s what really counts. Let me know what you think.

Part Two (next Saturday, Oct 13) will reveal the second item I sent her: a mother daughter circle art journal. You won’t want to miss it!



How did I make those recycled art cards, you ask….

22 Sep

Last time we met, I introduced you to my recycled art cards. And I bet you’ve been wondering all week exactly how I made them (indulge me, please). So here goes.

Recycled art cards begin life as magazine subscription cards.

I cover the subscription cards in a good coat of gesso. Currently, I’m using a White Acrylic Gesso by Artist’s Loft from Michael’s. It fine for this type of artwork, but I’m not in love with the way it coats the paper.  I recently found a sweet gem in Nashville called Plaza Artist Materials and when it’s time to buy new gesso, I’m going to try their brand.

Make sure to cover both sides.

Once I’ve covered both sides, I paint the background. Sometimes I have a vision of the finished product, sometimes, I let the colors I mix shape the direction of my art.

Like my fancy pallet?

This card was for my favorite red-head so I was thrilled to find a red-headed model in a magazine ad.

The wings are from a greeting card (also from Michael’s) and of course the woman is from a magazine ad.

Getting there, but not quite finished

She needed a bit more before she was finished. I added a tag from my favorite Tazo tea (India Spice in case you are wondering). And of course, a note to my sweet cousin on the back (which I won’t share). I do paint the back and cover it in various papers (mostly whatever I have at hand). Right now, I’m using the packing paper from a shipment of books. Love when they use kraft paper!

Her dress needed some bling, so I added gold paint. I also softened it up a bit with a gesso wash that I rubbed off with paper towels. This way, it looks more like it’s part of the card instead of sitting on top of it.

It’s that simple. Each set of cards I make for my cousins tend to reflect what I’ve been working on in my art journals. I love the challenge of painting 4 at a time with each different girl (and personality) in mind. But the best part for me by far is when I open my mailbox and have an envelope filled with their artwork in reply!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!