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The one with painted magazine pages

16 Feb

Happy Sunday.

It’s been a productive week. I’ve been working on a few projects and checked some of my February goals off my list (yay!). Here is my visual reminder to ACT; took this yesterday while I was working on a few of those projects:

photoMy friend, Jennifer, lent me these stamps (by Close to My Heart) and they are perfect for mixed media.

I recently found the artist, Alma Stoller, and her work with magaizne pages. In fact, I’ve started using her idea of paint anything for 10 minutes as a creative warm up. Basically, you tear out a magazine page and start painting. I use a mix of Liquitex Basic acrylic paints and fluid acrylics (Folk Art and Americana which are inexpensive and work pretty well for this). So, here are some of my creations





paint8It’s a heck of a lot of fun! I try not to over think it and just get the paint down on the pages. I made a bunch of cards with these pages, but unfortunately, forgot to take pictures of them. I have this one, so you can get an idea of what they looked like

photoThis is definitely a practice I am going to continue. These pages can be used in art journaling, mixed media pieces, and of course cards. So, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Till next week,

The one with magazine page painting and a creative warm up

15 Jun

Happy Saturday!

A while back, my hubs put a salt lick in our backyard cause deer love it and I love seeing them. Since then, he’s seen them in the morning, the evening, really, anytime I’ve not been home. Til yesterday afternoon! I was finally treated to a deer sighting by the salt lick! Here are two of the threesome that stopped by for some salt:

deerSix years of seeing deer in our yard and I still love it!

Ok, so on to the art.

Last week, I shared with you Dina Wakley’s creative warm up practice and how I’ve started using it when I sit down to create. In addition to using tags for this process, she suggested using small journals. Of course, I have a multitude of unused cute little journals so I thought “why not start using a warm up journal?”

About the same time, I had come across this fun video showing Shannon Green’s painted paper process. Which I fell in love with! For one reason, she paints on magazine pages and I have a ton of mags! Which I use in a lot of different ways, but never like this. Why am I telling you about these two very different things? Read on….

I started with a nice thick magazine page….

JNext, I used an old gift card as my pallet knife and just applied the acrylic paint right on to the magazine page. No prep. No gesso (can you believe it?!)

Mag pg1Basically, I added acrylic paint until I was happy with the look.

mags 2So, now I had this cool page but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Until I pulled out my new creative warm up journal. I mean, come on, its cover needs to be a work of art as well!

journal 3aI used gel medium to adhere the painted magazine page to the journal and voila: a pretty creative warm up journal.

journal 3

journal 6

cw 4And now to share my creative warm up. I used a few different colors (all acrylic paints this time) and applied them with a (real) pallet knife. A lot like I did on my painted magazine page. No rhyme or reason. Just working with color. Although, I have a feeling that I created a cool background for a journal layout somewhere down the road.

So there you are. A second creative warm up practice. Tell me what you think. And please share any of your  practices. I love hearing about new ways to jump start my creative mind!


The one with the creative warm up exercises

8 Jun

Happy Saturday.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve struggled with my creativity. Ideas weren’t flowing and even perusing the many artists blogs I follow didn’t help. So, I started watching some of the videos I’d saved on my art journal Pinterest board and ran across a great video from Dina Wakley. She talks about beginning with a creative warm up kind of like an athlete would warm up before playing a game. At her suggestion, I found a box of tags at my local office supply place (although, I’d love to know where she finds tags in boxes of 1000 – I found a box of 100 and was thrilled).

The idea is to get the creative juices flowing, not to worry about creating master pieces. So, I got out some ink refills, a spray bottle of water, my tags, palate paper and got started!

tags 1

tags 2I sprayed each drop of ink refill quite a few times. And then basically dipped the tag into the inks…

tags 3

A few dabs here and there and I have tags. More importantly, it did get the creative juices flowing. So now, when I sit down to create and I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to work on or if I get stuck, I pull out some tags and some paint or inks and play. I LOVE it!

warm up tagsHere are some tags I made using acrylic paints (sprayed with a lot of water). I’ve also tried water colors paints (soft bodied) and they work great.

Of course, now I’ll have a bunch of tags all over the place. But I envision using them on cards, cutting parts of them out for journal layouts or art cards; the possibilities are endless. I used one to send a (short) recipe to my aunt the other day. Art on the front, recipe on the back.

So, thanks to Dina. Such a simple idea but one that has made a huge difference for me over the last few weeks. Let me know if you give it a try. Or do you already have a creative warm up? I’d love to hear what you do before you start.

Till next week,