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The one with the whimsical faces

1 Feb

Good morning and happy Saturday.

Last week, a colleague and I had to visit our creative department to sign off on some proofs and on a dry erase board by the front door, I saw this:


I love the creative minds that reside in that office!

You may recall that last month I chose my “One Little Word” for the year: ACT. I am happy to report that I actually checked off most of the boxes on my goals list for January. I had to move a few into February, but since one was due to timing, I’m ok with it. I made progress. I am holding myself accountable. And I’m going to make my February list (and Act card which I’ll share next week). Here is my reminder for this week:

Act 4

I am also pleased that I spent a bit of time last night working drawing faces. Whimsical faces to be exact. I’ve been drawn (no pun intended) to these carefree and playful looking faces for a while and I keep promising myself I’m going to practice drawing them and developing my own style. So far, I’ve just made promises. But last night, I actually worked on 2!

This first one was inspired by Megan K. Suarez. I’ve come across her work from time to time on Pinterest. This is what I came up with (she’s only in pencil).


Not too bad, I think. Next is my second attempt and she was inspired by Its A Work of Art (I also found her on Pinterest).


I did add a tiny bit of color to her hair, but I don’t think I’m ready to add full color just yet. Again, not a bad first try. As Julie Balzer says (and I’m paraphrasing), you recognized it for what it is;  a face. So, I feel like it’s a win. And I want to continue working on them so I may share more in the future.

What do you think of my faces? Is there anything you’ve been wanting to work on and keep putting off? Sometimes the hardest part is starting so I encourage you to give it a whirl. You may surprise yourself!

Till next week,Cheers,