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The one that disappeared

24 Nov

Well, this has never happened to me before. I had half this post typed up, saved it and now it’s gone. I was working in Chrome, because it’s my preferred browser, but I forget it has a few quirks. One being the weird way it doesn’t scroll feature works when I’m on WordPress. And  every time I start a post, I start in Chrome, cause, well, it’s my favorite. Anyhow, I saved, closed out and re-opened it in Safari so I could scroll and darn it, the post is gone. The pictures I uploaded are still in the library, but the post is gone…….Maybe Chrome is mad at me for cheating on it.

Ok, take two (right after I save this one). So, I’ve been working on the next steps in my creative life but unfortunately, none of that includes finished pieces to share with you. I hope to be share some of my news soon but for now, I will share a few things I’m working on.


I made these tags to go with my those art pieces I finished recently (my last post here). I thought they were kinda cute. The background is watercolor, the heart is acrylic and  (it’s a hand cut stencil I made).

new canvasI started 5 new granola bar box canvases. I’ve got the backgrounds complete on most of them and the focal points are beginning to take shape.

stampsI wish I could remember whose blog I was on when I saw this idea so I could give proper credit, but her name alludes me. Anyhow, I had hubs bring me some plastic washers home from the hard ware store and glued them to cardboard. Super easy and they work really well. I’m using them in a few projects already.

new projectAnd finally, we use a lot of posters to advertise events in our school. As a school, we do a great job of recycling, but I have started up-cycling and using a lot of them in my art. This is the start of a new set of greeting cards. I have a cool idea; I hope it comes to life the way I picture it in my head.

Hopefully, I’ll have some good news to report next week.

Till then, take care.